Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 44: Sweetwater, TX (Transfer 8)

June 24, 2013

Hellllooo!! What an amazing week here in the TLM!! Elder Thorpe and I had at least three hours of contacting and knocking each day. The backs of our planners are FULL with names and addresses of potential investigators! We have had some of the best and most spiritual lessons so far this year! Our goal as a companionship this transfer is three baptisms. That's really pushing ourselves seeing that this area has only gotten three baptisms all year. But the Lord is really blessing us right now! We are striving to remain dilligent and exactly obedient each day! In turn, we are being put in the path of those seeking truth. I am so excited for the new training and counsel we've received from the leaders of the church! Members, members, members.  Even with 70,000 missionaries and growing, the members are needing to step up with missionary work.  We were reminded that missionaries are 'teachers' and members are 'finders and fellowshippers.' Ward Councils, members and missionaries need to all work together with the mission leader in assisting investigators, less-active and returning members. I know this broadcast has instilled a new desire for Latter-Day Saints to join the full-time missionaries in preaching the gospel to the world! The work is hastening, and as Elder Nelson said in April Conference, catch the wave!! It brings tears to my eyes receiving emails from my dad on how excited he is to be a ward missionary. There is no greater joy than participating in building up God's kingdom. I love y'all and thank you for the prayers. Make this week great!! Elder Rios

Texas Lubbock Mission1729 Hailey St #E53Sweetwater, Texas

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