Friday, November 15, 2013

Transfer 9: Midland, Texas

September 16, 2013

We had a great week!! Miracles happening in our area! We had TWELVE investigators at church and a baptism on Saturday! Rickey Haynes became the newest member of the Midland 3rd Ward after accepting the restored gospel. We started teaching him but we had to let the sister missionaries take over because he lived in their area. Great stuff! So, almost all day Saturday we visited everyone who we planned to attend church. It took a lot of work to commit them to come on Sunday. We called, texted, visited, etc. Sunday morning we sent out reminder texts to everyone and prayed they would all come. It was an amazing feeling watching these families walking into the chapel dressed in their Sunday best... Rennee, Isuri, Larry, Marie, Stacy, Rick, Cole, Julio, Monica, Brittney, Jacob, and Diego were all excited to be there and felt the Spirit. Now, not all of them stayed the whole three hours but this was a huge step for them. :)
Elder Lenhart and I are best friends. We are almost the same person. Except he doesn't like sports... Ha! We have been visiting lots of members here to get them pumped about missionary work. The Jarman family is setting the tone for the ward as they just sent off a son on a mission. Almost every day they call us and want us to go and talk to one of their friends, or they invite a family over for dinner and request that we attend as well, etc. They caught the vision of how easy missionary work really is. We are hoping the rest of the ward see their example and choose to follow.
All is well here in Midland. Football season is sweet because I get to catch a minute or two of games when we're out handing out cards in the parking lot of the stadium. :) Make this week great!!
Elder Rios

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