Friday, November 15, 2013

Greetings from Midland!

August 12,2013

This was by far the hardest and longest week of my mission. Day after day we experienced rejection after rejection. We as a companionship were beginning to get discouraged, wondering why we weren't finding anyone who was willing to just listen to us. We had appointments canceled on us, potential investigators drop us, and nobody we are currently teaching came to church yesterday. I am always caught off guard when the Lord teaches us humility. Finally, on Sunday morning during Stake Conference, our mission president spoke to the filled congregation and he had all the full-time missionaries in the stake stand up. At that moment I felt myself being spiritually recharged. I was reminded that I was part of the great missionary force around the world. I felt way pumped up to get back out and work. As our faith is tested through daily challenges, we have the chance to strengthen our trust in the Lord. In the book of Alma we read about Captain Moroni (my favorite) fortifying each city that the Nephites have control of while the opposing Lamanites continue their hollow mission to take over all the land. I noticed that each time it mentions the time between battles, Moroni never stops building up the strength of the cities in surrounding walls and weapons of war. We must follow this same strategy---when we feel as though there is no trial or tribulation upon us, that is the time to fortify our faith. This will enable us to stand strong against the adversary. Sounds simple enough, right? Because it is! All we have to do is consistently feast upon the word of God and constantly call upon Him through prayer. Develop the habits. :) I do have some pictures to share, but, my camera is in the car... and I am in the library... I would have to get up and walk all the way out to the parking lot. So next week, promise! Haha Anyway, to get to the subject of my email---yesterday after conference we were able to find some great people to teach who showed sincere interest in the Restored Gospel! We were sick of knocking doors but we picked out a street and did it anyway. In turn, the Lord blessed us with receptive people. We have set appointments for this week and looking to further our success in bringing souls to Christ. Don't forget to share the gospel with your friends and family---As my mission president said yesterday in his talk, the time is now. Have a great week! 

 Elder Rios
 3601 Andrews Hwy #405 Midland, Texas 79703

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