Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 32: Sweetwater, TX (Transfer 6)


Lots of good things happening 'round here. So we were switched to a biking area last week and I love it! We get to talk to so many people this way. Only downside is that I'm exhausted! And we barely escaped a hail storm. Haha My legs have been sore since Tuesdayof last week! A cool experience that happened, we were on the main road biking in for dinner when I got a call from a random number. This guy says he saw us on our bikes and that he used to take lessons from missionaries here in Sweetwater a long time ago. Basically he wants to learn more and offered to take us out to eat this week. The blessings if being out working diligently.. The people find us! I love it.
Did y'all have an absolutely fantastic Easter Sunday? I did! Church was straight awesome. We heard some great testimonies of the gospel. We talked a lot about the Atonement and the Resurrection in the classes. Some pretty deep doctrine came up, stuff that I've never heard before, so I learned new things. After church we did our regular service at an assisted living home and we gave a blessing to someone while there. Then we headed to the hospital to visit a member that had been taken to the ER the night before to give her a blessing. We gave two more blessings while at the hospital. Lots of Priesthood action I love it!! && I got an Easter package during the week and an Easter basket yesterday! So much candy!
Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on Easter.... Jesus Christ overcame physical death so that we can, too. He rose from the dead on the third day, as prophesied, and was resurrected to an immortal state of perfection. He is the Christ, the very Son of the living God. He lives! Believe it! Love you all, keep it real, make this week great!! Shout out to my boy Elder Brennen Edwards joining the ranks this week. Last couple of days as a civilian, good luck bud!!

<3 Elder Ricardo Rios

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