Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elder Mounce

Elder Rios and his MTC BFF Elder Mounce in front of the Provo Temple 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MTC Week 2

Greetings from the MTC!
     I leave for Texas on Monday! (Sep 3) Crazy, time has flown by... I love it here though and I'm learning so much! Thank you for all of the letters and packages over the past week, it makes my day when I get to my room and I have letters waiting for me. Keep using! It's like an email to me that gets printed out and sent to my mail that same day! Although I can't reply until my P-Day, I love hearing from all of you.
So I think I told you last week that my companion has been struggling and basically hated the MTC. I finally sat him down and talked to him for like an hour straight and set him right! I was seriously about to go request a companion exchange but you all know me, I never give up on a friend! He's awesome now and has learned a lot. He asks me all the time how I'm so social or how I make friends so easily. So I've taken him under my wing and I'm teaching him the ways ;) haha So how are all of you?? I miss my family and friends so much!! But I haven't been homesick at all surprisingly... I don't have time to with these crazy schedules. But I'm having a blast here! My district is full of the best 11 missionaries in the world, we're gonna change lives!! It's going to be sad to leave them. But some of us are flying to Texas together.

I wish I could show you how much fun I'm having!! You all know how I love to take pictures :D haha I haven't figured out how to send pictures on this dang computers... oh and Dad, I broke my camera.........I'm very sorry :'( It works, it just doesnt focus anymore.....I dropped it..... Does anyone have a camera I could borrow for two years? :) just kidding.
I hope you're all doing great and making the best out of each day. Something that my Dad has taught me that decides how my days are is: PASSION & ENTHUSIAM. Apply that to your lives and I promise you'll be happier. I want to share a quote that I heard at a devotional here at the MTC, "When you feel as if life is drowning you, remember that your lifeguard walks on water." That's Jesus Christ for those of you that are a little slow..Jose.. haha
I love you all and have a djSWELL week!!
Elder Rios

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MTC Week 1

What's up friends and family!! I've already been gone almost a week, yet it feels like I just got here yesterday. I am watching the 30 minute countdown on my screen because that's how long I get to use the computer then it logs me off for the week, cool huh? -__- Anyway, I have SO much to tell you guys!!! I love it here at the MTC. After the first night, the branch president made me District Leader. Holler at that!! So I'm in charge of 11 of the coolest Elders I've ever met! My first companion ever, Elder Peralta, is from Peru but has lived in Utah for like 10 years. He is the only unsocial Elder in our district so it's been pretty tough trying to get him to open up to everyone. He absolutely hates the MTC and doesn't see the point of it. I know that he was put as my companion because I am meant to help him. I've taken it upon myself to make sure this missionary goes to Pittsburgh as the best missionary ever!! He's been progressing over the last couple of days after meetings with our branch president and zone leaders and teachers... I came in here pumped, thinking I was ready.. I was so wrong!! Everything we do here at the MTC is full of the Spirit and helps me grow as a missionary. You guys would think I'm already a totally different person haha But that's what it's all about! I can't wait to see where I'm at when my three weeks here is up. I know I'll be ready.

The days go by so fast it's ridiculous. Our WHOLE day is planned out to the minute, we have to be somewhere at a certain time. I've gotten used to it and have fallen into the routine. It's so great to wake up at 6am and workout with my boys here then start our days with studying. I love gym time!! (obviously). So the first couple of days I just played basketball because volleyball looked tough. But I've been playing volleyball for the last couple of days and I have been killing it!! Spiked it in a dude's face and broke his glasses yesterday...he happened to be my Zone Leader. Oops :P
Man I miss everyone at home!! But, I only think about home when I'm in bed at night because I have no time to think during the day. I hope you're all doing well!! I will be writing on Tuesdays (my P-Day) so expect my emails then!! Oh! and you should all write me letters on so I get it printed out and handed to me here!! Love you all
Passion & Enthusiasm!
Elder Rios