Friday, November 15, 2013

Transfer 8, Week 4: Midland, Texas

August 26,2013

Hey everyone!

Great things are taking place here in Midland, Texas. We are helping Larry, Marie, and their daughter Stacy prepare for their baptism on September 7th! Our ward had a carnival activity on Saturday and it was a perfect way for our members to fellowship those who are investigating the church. We found a new family to teach this week and we are so excited to be teaching Julio and Monica. Turns out Julio's mom is a less active member and she is feeling the Spirit again as she sits in on our lessons. We are working hard each day to contact everyone we see outside. This is something we pray for, is to have the courage to talk with every single person within our sight. I have seen much improvement within my companionship this last week in making these daily contacts. We are getting return appointments and feeling the strength of the Lord in added measure. We are also experimenting a new way of finding---we developed a long list of various ways our members can share the gospel. Each idea is numbered and ranges from church invites to gifting a Book of Mormon. Now we've seen that when people are given the choice on how they will share the gospel, it takes them longer and they usually don't follow through. So we've decided to let the Lord choose for them... I bought a pack of dice and we have each member roll the dice to decide which specific idea they will use to invite their friends to learn about the church. It has been working great! Everyone seems more comfortable in participating in missionary work and like the new "game" we've come up with. We call it "Who Wants To Be A Missionary?" haha So anyway, that's what most of our time consisted of this week. Our members are preparing their referrals for us and the work is hastening! I am loving the Texas Lubbock Mission. We will reach our limit of 265 elders and sisters at the end of this transfer. Mission split? I think so. This is truly an exciting time to be a missionary. Journal-entry days! Have a great week y'all. Look forward to the letters each week--much appreciated!

Elder Rios

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