Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding, finding, finding.

August 5,2013

I love my new area!! Midland is a great city, so far. My new companions are Elder Losee and Elder Lenhart. Losee has been out one transfer longer than I and is from Santa Quin, UT and Lenhart just got done being trained and is from Upland, UT. UTAH missionaries (big surprise). But we are getting along so great! So our area was split this transfer and a sister missionary trio was added to our ward. We have SIX missionaries in the Midland 3rd Ward!! But, of course, all of our investigators we had going fell into the sisters' area and we had to hand them over.. Ha! It's kinda nice having sister missionaries around :) So, as the subject of my email states, we have been finding, finding, finding. We are already working with a couple named Larry and Marie with their daughter, as well. They all have a goal to be baptized on the 17th of this month. Another couple we found, Julio and Monica, are also working towards baptism this month. We are putting most of our efforts into creating a bigger teaching pool to have people to work with. Our mission leader is fantastic and is really magnifying his call in connecting us to the members. I am just so excited to make a difference in this area. In other news, I had my first bicycle accident last week! I was following too close behind one of my companions and I didn't see a huge rock up ahead... My front tire caught the rock and I basically flew over the handlebars of my bike. I was left with a huge gash on my knee and sprained wrists. Remember that happening a lot when I was younger, Dad? Haha I got up laughing, as usual. Not much to tell y'all about my first week here other than the typical doors slammed in our faces. They get pretty intense here! One guy actually opened the door two more times only to slam it back in our faces for a total of three times. One guy opened the door with a shotgun. Crazy! I hope all is well with all of you. Make this week GREAT.

Elder Rios

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