Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 33: Sweetwater, TX

Dear friends and family, 

Wow!! Could Conference have been any better?! This was truly a missionary-laced conference! Instruction after instruction on "Rescuing God's children," and, "Blessing the children of Almighty God," were taught. We heard missionary counsel such as: "All people, all the world, sound go forth, miracles and faith overcome doubt," regarding missionary work.  Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles called it a, "WAVE of enthusiasm for missionary work."  The Texas Lubbock Mission is truly riding this wave with souls coming unto Christ, and I get to be a major historic part of it as we continue to keep the momentum going through faith, hard work and dedication. President Monson reminded us of the importance in keeping the first law of heaven---OBEDIENCE. He taught us the blessings of obedience. We also learned of the integrity of FAITH. As Elder Holland taught, "Be true to the faith you have, and all should walk by faith." After a long ten hours total of conference, my mind is racing with excitement. General Conference puts us all back in focus on what actually matters. Each time a speaker mentioned the "full-time missionaries around the world" I got the chills, because I am a part of that. There's a certain pride we have, sort of like military pride. We are Spiritual soldiers. We had our recently baptized friend Daniel there for a couple of the sessions and his eyes were glued to the screen. He felt so bad for the things he wasn't doing right and this was a wake-up call to him. Good stuff! As far as the missionary work here in Sweetwater, Texas-- we didn't knock a single door last week. This is a very good thing because our schedule was full every day! People are finding us. Funny how our appointments end up from one side of town to the other. The joy of biking.. Haha Let's pray the Spirit testifies to them of truth. It's getting hot, I'm getting tan lines, and I'm loving every day of my mission. You have the power to make this week great, do it!! Attatched some random pictures...Haha Love, peace, and blessings y'all. 

--Elder Rios. 

1729 Hailey St #E53
Sweetwater, Tx 79556

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