Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 9: Pampa, TX (Transfer 2)

So I'm going to start counting transfers (every 6 weeks) from now on because I don't remember the week number haha Let me tell you all about my fantastic week out here on a mission:
Monday we went to a member's ranch and rounded up some cows to be branded. I also had the delightful opportunity to check cows for pregnancy... Now cows don't just use those little tests you buy at the store. I got to manually insert my arm into the rear end of the cows and feel around for a baby cow. I won't send you the pictures to save you from being grossed out hahaha! It was a fun day at the ranch though. The rest of the week was work, work, work! We have been teaching quite a few people and getting a family ready for their baptism on the 27th of this month! I'm going to be baptizing Lupita and her daughter Katya, while my companion will baptize her other daughter Natali. I'm way excited!!
Yesterday, we went to another one of our areas, Miami (not Florida) (I wish), and visited some less active members there as well as knocked some doors. While we were walking in the street we saw the sheriff following us and pulled up next to us... He was like questioning us and said someone called in two suspicious looking guys in suits knocking doors. We got the cops called on us!! hahaha After scaring us a little, the sheriff revealed to us that he was a member of the church and was not going to take us to jail like he said he would. It was pretty funny!!
From the past week I've learned many things. Including patience and dilligence. I know that there are people prepared by God to listen to us. It's our job as missionaries to go out and find those people. I love the experiences that I have each day because I am able to learn from them, and apply what I've learned the next day. La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimo Dias is the restored church originally established by Jesus Christ himself about 2,000 years ago. I know it is. Peace & blessings y'all.
Elder Rios

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 8: Pampa, TX

Hello hello :)
General Conference was so great!! The best part about watching it was watching with an investigator family!! Having them see and listen to the prophet and apostles was exactly what they needed. They spoke about things that they needed to hear. As I was watching and taking notes, I thought to myself about the difference watching Conference at home, and as a set-apart missionary. I listened to every word and didn't fall asleep. Priesthood Session is always the best! (sorry ladies) :) When our leaders talk about the literal power that we have to change the lives of others, it gets me so PUMPED! Alright so now I'll tell you about my week:
This week went by super fast, just like all the other weeks. We did some work! Didn't have much time to knock doors because we had many appointments scheduled, which is really good! So we taught lots of lessons this week and had a couple of dinner appointments. The only negative part was BIKING ALL WEEK. We dropped our car off in the shop on Monday and it was supposed to be ready the next day... Wrong. They kept saying "Oh it won't be ready until tomorrow" allll week. Although I enjoy biking, it gets pretty tiring. 

We ended up getting our car back on Friday afternoon, she looks great! The car had lots of dents and scratches from past missionaries so we had to get it fixed. Anyway, last week we asked the family that is getting baptized on the 27th who they wanted to baptize them. Elder Arredondo and I were both chosen by the girls haha and I think we're calling a missionary that went home already to see if he wants to baptize the mom, as she requested. It's so exciting!!
My trainer and I have so much fun (probably too much) that we never have time to think about how tired we are or how sore we are, I love it! Another thing, IT"S SO COLD HERE... Wake up in the morning and check the temperature outside and our little thermometer says 22 degrees... Dad, I think it's time to send me a jacket now...:O haha I've been using one of my comp's jackets for now. Many of you know that I love the cold and I love the wind, but this is intense!! haha Yesterday, it got to a high of 36 degrees I think? Everyone at church teases me because I'm from "Perfect Sunny Southern California" hahaha Everything is going great. We're getting the ward to be more active, members are coming with us to lessons, we had a ward bbq with REAL Texas barbeque, and it's starting to snow. :) Hope you all are doing good and don't miss me too much!! ;) 'Til next week! Make this one GREAT!
Much love,
Elder Rios
P.s. Thank you for all of your letters and emails!! Keep them coming


Getting ready for the next two years of his life.
Just before he left...
Catching the shuttle to the MTC with Elder Masuli
His district! It was red tie day...

Looking good as always!

 District 24A and teachers in the MTC

His teacher at the MTC, Brother Richmond

On their way to the Salt Lake City airport. Texas, here they come!

The Lubbock Temple

On their way to their first areas!

His trainer, Elder Arredondo

This is what Elder Rios likes to call "CaliSwag"

Week 7: Pampa, TX

Howdy everyone! 
Everything is going great here in the TLM (Texas Lubbock Mission). I am having so much fun in my area. Elder Arredondo and I are doing WORK. Our teaching pool is remaining big and we are getting people ready to be baptized this month! We're only struggling with one little thing.. the Pampa ward. Members here aren't very exciting or enthusiatic at all. It's hard to get them to go out to lessons with us. We have investigators coming to church to check it out then they tell us it's boring and weird because there's no one fellowshipping them! So frustrating! Even the bishop is a little strange and antisocial... I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in church yesterday and I was determined to brighten up the ward. I made everyone laugh a lot and challenged them to be more active as members. I felt that everyone was really listening to me rather than messing around on their iPhone or iPad. It was pretty sweet! I also got to teach a class in Primary haha The kids are so cute, they all love the missionaries. One boy (Joshua, 5 years old) said "I want to be as tall as Elder Rios when I grow up!" haha After church we worked, knocking doors and visited some people who didn't make it to church. We ended the night eating at a member's house and they had the Eagles/Giants game on in the other room...... It was so hard not to watch!! A lot of members have been having us over for dinner since I got here ;) One thing I haven't mentioned to you all is the CRAZY thunderstorms here..!! They're cool to watch though. Almost every night it rains and see lightning flashes then during the day it's sunny and hot. Super weird! Last night there was a huge storm and it was hard to sleep because of the loud thunder.. I like that this area is different. I like serving here where there is no distractions, where I can focus on the work. Our beautiful 2011 Ford Fusion is in the shop until Wednesday so we're biking around -__- My bike is LEGIT; it's all black complete with headlights, tail lights, annnd a kickstand. Thanks Dad!! :D A lot easier today biking in a tshirt, shorts and Nikes! Thank you for all of the support sent through prayers!! I love my mission!! New month, new week.. Make it GREAT!!
Much love from Texas,
Elder Rios