Monday, November 18, 2013

Onto my 15th month as a missionary!


       Midland, Texas is so prepared for the Restored Gospel. We have been very successful on our bikes finding new people to teach. During our weekly planning session on Friday, we accounted for six new investigators! About half of them came to church yesterday. Elder Hoskin and I are the dynamic duo!! We're pretty much the same person.. Everyone loves that we're talkative and social, so we connect well. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to teach the young men how to knock doors. It went really well! We got to show them how easy it is to relate to the people and discern their interests or needs. They also got to ask us questions about mission life. I told them how easy it is to focus on the work when all else is taken care of. No rent, no phone bills, no school, no paying for gas, no car payments, etc. They seemed pretty excited to serve after that! Haha We had a multi-zone conference on Thursday where President Augustin and the assistants instructed on organizing lesson plans and the roles of members in a lesson. It's always a sight to see a large group of missionaries. There are now rumors of a mission split soon! All is going well, I see my testimony grow each day and my legs continue to get ripped from all the biking ;) Haha Make this week great!! 

Elder Ricky Rios

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