Friday, November 15, 2013

Texas Lubbock Mission!!

November 4, 2013


Fantastic week here in Midland, Texas. On Halloween day we were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Lubbock Temple with our zone. It was a much needed spiritual refuel! It was the highlight of the week. Elder Hoskin and I are staying busy with the people we are teaching. Jorge requested a missionary visit from the internet and was interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon. We delivered him a copy and taught the message of the Restoration and he was very receptive! Robert is a guy we met on the street whom we had a discussion about reasons behind so many different churches and religions. He was surprised to hear that we claim to be the only true church and has accepted our challenge of learning more. J.R. recently lost his wife and has been seeking answers regarding her salvation. He signed up on the internet for a missionary visit and was glad to meet with us. These are the most legit people we are currently teaching. We had a guy named Edwin show up to church after being invited by a friend. He stayed all three hours and enjoyed the Spirit he felt there. We have an appointment to meet with him this week! 
Yesterday was fast & testimony meeting and I've been shooting to bear my testimony each month of my mission. Haven't missed one yet! Brother Flournoy, an elderly man mentioned in his testimony that if anybody had questions or doubts about the church, to go talk to him. He said this in a humorous way. Haha So when I went up I backed him up and said the same thing which got the whole congregation to chuckle. :) I know this is where we're all supposed to be. We're all on the right path and it is our job to help others find this path. The church is true. Jesus Christ is our savior. Have a great week!!

Elder Ricky Rios

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