Friday, November 15, 2013

Transfer 9: Midland, Texas

October 14, 2013

Congratulations to Fernando and his brand new wife!!! Wish I could've been there guys! Good week here in the TLM. I have a new companion, at least until next week-- Elder Hoskin. He's from West Jordan, UT. Crazy cuz we both played QB in high school and we both love football. We play catch everyday. We have been getting along just great. We have been doing lots of finding and street contacting. In fact, we spent literally six hours on our bikes on Thursday just riding around the city talking to people. We have another baptism planned for Oct 26th! Our mission president announced that we will all have an opportunity to attend the temple at least once during our missions. Super exciting! Tomorrow I hit 14 months into my mission. It's the home stretch and I feel like great things are coming. Our area is seeing a lot of success through our members' increased desire to share the gospel. Conference really pumped everyone up! We visit families and as soon as we walk in it's "well Elders we are working with this family and this family and inviting this family over for dinner and a church movie.."etc. Awesome! Hope all is well in Menifee, CA! Peace & blessings,
Elder Rios

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