Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 41: Sweetwater, TX

June 3, 2013

What's going on family! 

West Texas has been in the hundreds all last week so you can imagine what biking was like.. Friday morning we got a call saying we would be receiving a car later on that day. HALLELUJAH! It's been fun being on bikes but I gotta say I'm relieved to be able to rely on a vehicle for transportation again. Haha We've been able to squeeze more appointments into our days and visit members who live out of town. I feel like Sundays are the climax of the week. There's always such a strong Spirit in church that is almost overwhelming! We had the opportunity to fast yesterday and to exercise our faith. I know that God hears us and it's our duty to show Him that we believe, that's what will get us the blessings. The Lord is putting us in the path of those who are in need of the gospel. It's such an honor to be out here in Texas teaching people about Jesus Christ. We as missionaries are trying to make an impact in the community to show that we have the knowledge they need to come closer to Christ and His teachings. The work starts with members. We are trying to instill a new level of enthusiasm for missionary work here in Sweetwater, Texas. It's going to start with visiting those who are less active in the church and bring them back to feeling the Spirit of God in their daily lives. I'm amazed at how much progress we've made with bringing those members back into the fold. It's working and I know the Lord is helping us out big time. We visited a family that hasn't been to church since I've been here and the father asked me to give him a blessing to be able to lead his family back to the gospel. I have to say it was the most powerful blessing I've had the opportunity to administer. He said that was his first blessing ever after 27 years since being baptized. What an experience. Members are the key to missionary work. It's through them that the gospel can be spread the quickest, and most efficiently. We have great plans to help our branch regain confidence to be able to share the knowledge of truth with their friends and families. My Spanish is such a blessing in helping me communicate with a lot of people here. I'm so thankful for this gift to be able to use it to preach the gospel. I met Marcelo on Saturday who happens to be from Villa Hidalgo, Mexico where I have lots of family. He recognized some names I threw at him, it was awesome! He needed help translating so he could rent a home here. I helped him out and in turn he came to church yesterday and accepted to be baptized at the end of this month! It was only through the Spirit that he felt this was THE Church of Jesus Christ. True conversion. I feel like I've reached a phenomenal spiritual high in my mission and I'm not even half way done. Dallin and Sheldon are going downhill now. Haha I love those guys! We constantly send each other little messages, still the same three amigos!! I hope y'all know everything I've mentioned about member-missionary work applies to y'all too!! :) Get 'er done! Faith without works is dead! Make this week GREAT! 

Much love from Texas,

Elder Ricardo Rios

1729 Hailey St #E53Sweetwater, Tx 79556

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