Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 16: Pampa, TX

So sorry I didn't email yesterday... We had a mission Christmas party in Lubbock so it was six hours driving round trip, and we were there all day. So today is our P-Day haha Everything is doing pretty good with training my greenie and being District Leader. My new companion is Elder Staples from Coalville, Utah. He's 21 and VERY shy. He just admits to having a not very social personality. You all know I'm the complete opposite of that...:) So it's a bit frustrating at times but I'm doing my best!! It feels so good being in control of my area. I call the shots and make the plans haha I took my companion knocking in the ghetto (had to break him in somehow), and I found him getting stuck a lot so we've got some work to do with him... I feel like a pro at tracting now. So just doing a lot of training this last week, nothing too exciting. We found a guy to teach named Dave, or as he prefers, "Drummer Dave" haha Hope that goes well. Seeing all of the Christmas lights and decorations is making me a little sad not being home..:( But I'm trying to stay busy and not think about how much fun you all are having enjoying the holiday season. Haha We've gotten some pretty cool presents already and we even got lights to put on our apartment! Plus a little Christmas tree. I'm coming up on four months out and I'm kinda glad it's really flying by. That just comes from making the most out of everyday and always making sure I have something to do. Becoming a trainer and District Leader I've seen so many more blessings in my life. My gospel knowledge has increased and I'm able to remember scriptures better and teach way better. My Spanish is pretty dang good now that I've been forced to speak it since my new comp doesn't know any. I've learned to trust in the Lord for whatever comes my way. He doesn't throw anything at you that you cannot handle. The question is, are you willing to rise to the occasion..? Hope you are all doing fantastic and make this week GREAT!!

Elder Rios

Isaac's Baptism

Some of the district in the Panhandle Zone

Thanksgiving dinner at home

Thanksgiving with the Alonzo's
My first "greenie" Elder Staples

Texas pride

MORE Texas pride

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