Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 20: Pampa, TX


It was about the best week I've had here on the mission so far! I got to Skype my family on Christmas, two days off of working (not that working is bad), plenty of snow, AND still got lots of teaching done. Plus it was my birthday yesterday, so I am now 20 years old! Pretty exciting. I got lots of gifts this last week so thank you all! My tie collection has tripled in value. Haha It was also a member of the ward's daughter's birthday so we had a little party last night and I got a princess cake...Haha!
The work here in Pampa continues! We are teaching a young woman named Angelica who is doing great! She's been taught by missionaries for over a year and hadn't progressed so we started over with her and she's getting everything now! Let's hope she continues toward baptism! On Thursday we were heading out of the apartment to start our day and a lady flagged us down and said she needed help with her car. She was stuck in about a foot of snow.. And she was late to a doctors appointment. So I lifted the car with one arm and problem solved. Just kidding. Elder Staples and I had to push her Toyota Camry out of the snow by rocking it back and forth and throwing some rocks under the tires. After we got her out she gave us her address so we could stop by and get some hot chocolate later that night. We're hoping to start teaching Pamela on our follow-up appointment this week. It was a great opportunity for service! It's pretty neat to see the Lord just put you in the path of those prepared to receive the gospel. Quite humbling.
Well Happy New Year to you all and let's make some ATTAINABLE and ACHIEVABLE goals for 2013!! Heard that in church yesterday...Haha Make this week GREAT!!! 

From Texas with love,
Elder Rios  

P.s. Yee-hawww

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