Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 24: Sweetwater, TX

Dear ...everyone,

What a great week it's been! Monday-Wednesday was just finding, finding, finding. Gotta find new people to teach! Didn't have much luck. Couple of potentials. Thursday we had Zone Conference in Abilene and man, it was intense! President threw down on us, going over all the rules and rule changes. We were all a little surprised. BUT, it was seriously exactly what we all needed to hear. It put the focus back and put the fire back in our eyes. We were then instructed on various gospel and teaching topics. So, Friday we went to work. Morning finding, got on our bikes and rode around the town just talking to people that were outside. Placed a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment with a cowboy who was outside tanning hides. Later that day we were trying former investigators and were able to set return appointments with two of them. Then we found an elderly couple whom we taught the first lesson to, and invited them to church. Unfortunately they didn't show :( But in just two days, Friday and Saturday, we  now have 5 new legit investigators. It just goes to show when you're fully committed to something, with all intentions of doing God's will and not yours, He will bestow the blessings. I guess we weren't working as hard as we should've been, which meant we didn't deserve to be entrusted to the people that Heavenly Father has prepared to hear the restored gospel. After showing Him that we are but His servants, He decided to then reward us with people to bring in to the church.
I like to share interesting moments that happen to me each week, so here you go... We were knocking doors and we saw a guy out working in his shed so we walked up and started a conversation with him. Well, turns out he'd been taught by missionaries before and he's been to church and everything. But he had a huge problem that we "celebrate Christmas and Easter". He doesn't believe in that. Then he didn't like the fact that we have pictures of Jesus Christ everywhere, because we don't actually know what he looked like. So after literally going back and forth with this guy for about 20 minutes, it was obvious he just wanted to fight with us and get a rise. I started getting angry but I stayed quiet. He was yelling and being sarcastic and just being a jerk! I then felt something speak through me, and the words that BOLDY came out of my mouth were, "Sir, we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We have been called by a prophet of God to share the restored gospel with you. We are not here to fight, but rather our purpose is to give you the opportunity to be baptized by the priesthood. If you do not want to accept the gospel at this time, we will take our leave." Immediately, this man calmed down and accepted a Book of Mormon. Now, I don't know if we will get a chance to teach him, but I hope we planted a seed.
Well, that was pretty much my week. Thanks for the letters in the mail, I appreciate it! Love and miss you guys. Make this week great.

Elder Rios


Elder Ricardo Rios
1729 Hailey #E53
Sweetwater, Tx 79556

or mission office (mail is forwarded to me wherever I am)

Elder Ricardo Rios
6310 114th Street
Lubbock, Tx 79424

Baptism of Janice

My companion, Elder Weldon from Boise, ID

Elder Crompton, Elder Burns (AP [Assistant to President]), Me, Elder Ali'ifua (ignore the gang signs haha), Elder DeYoung

Elder Arredondo (current Zone Leader and my trainer), Me, Elder Ali'ifua (my boy from Oakland, Ca), Elder DeYoung (mi mejor amigo!)

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