Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 23: Sweetwater, TX

Howdy partners!!

Sorry for the delayed email, yesterday was a holiday so the library was closed and there's literally no where else to go for internet. It's been a rather slow week. I was sick for a couple of days last week and I was forced by the mission mom to stay in and rest. Haha BUT we had a baptism on Saturday!! Janice joined the fold of Christ with great joy as she is the most prepared person for the gospel I've met on the mission! Her brother was supposed to baptize her but he ended up getting stuck at work so she asked me to do it at the last second, way cool! I forgot my camera at home so I'll send pictures next week. Our teaching pool is pretty small but we're still teaching a girl who is working on getting her boyfriend divorced so she can marry him since they're living together. She's ready for baptism but needs to take care of that whole issue first. So we're hitting the pavement hard this week to look for new people to teach! I'm excited. I've grown a love for knocking doors. You do it to find the elect, but also gaining some funny experiences along the way. Haha Church was actually pretty good on Sunday, we had a whole 25 people there!!! That's a good turn out for this branch. My companion is doing good, we're getting along better and I'm pretty sure we'll be together for next transfer as well.. President Augustin made that kind of clear to me in an email.. Haha But I'm learning so many life lessons out here on the mission. I can't wait to see the man I've become in another year and a half. Shout out to my boy Brennen on his mission call, you're a stud!!! Better warm up buddy, it's cold up there ;) Well I hope all is well for each of you, thank you for the prayers. I feel them every day!! Make this week GREAT, savvy? Love you guys,

Elder Rios

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