Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 28: Sweetwater, TX (Transfer 5)

Happy Monday everyone!

It's been quite the exhausting week. Each day consisted of at least two hours knocking doors. We got a map of the city and just started crossing streets off. Our result of that is a huge list of potentials, or people who invited us to come back later. I've been going to bed every night just completely beat from working all day. This is vintage missionary work right here, straight tracting and finding. It's all we pretty much have to work with because the members here in this branch are all just burnt out and not willing to try anymore. Elder Cosman and I are trying to get the passion back into this area by just being examples and showing them how easy it is to share the gospel. Yesterday at testimony meeting I went up and spoke for a little while about gaining confidence to open your mouth and in return, we're promised that the Spirit will speak through us. I've been up each month of my mission to bear my testimony, haven't missed one yet! I encourage you all to get up there next month and just share the feelings of your heart. I promise there will be at least one person who will benefit from it. I have found myself up at the pulpit a lot throughout my mission. Haha I think I've given at least five talks so far. I love it! It gets easier each time. Today is a much needed P-day to recover from all of the walking last week annnnd Insanity workouts. That's right, P90X is done now I'm on to Insanity. It's a lot more intense I'll tell ya. I don't know where I find the energy to exercise so much. I guess it's a reward from the Lord for remaining obedient and diligent. Also, Cozzy (Elder Cosman) is teaching me to play the piano. He usually plays during Sacrament and I'm going to give it a shot in a couple of weeks. It's a lot easier to learn than I thought! I'm having the time of my life right now. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It truly is an exciting time to be a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ. I feel myself growing each and every day. I'm excited for all of my buddies back home who are preparing for their calls to serve. So proud of you guys! If you're one who is contemplating/praying on whether a mission is right for you, remember that the Lord needs every single soldier He can get. You are greatly needed. The Book of Mormon truly contains, as does the Bible, the fullness of the everlasting gospel. We indeed have a prophet leading the church on the earth assisting Christ who is at the helm. I have an unshakeable testimony of the Restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. It happened when it happened, because that is the only time that it could have survived on the earth again without being destroyed. Let us all help our lost brothers and sisters find the TRUTH. Make this week great, love you guys! Sorry the email is so late, been playing basketball alllll day =) 

Elder RĂ­os 

1729 Hailey St #E53
Sweetwater, Tx 79556 

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