Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 22: Sweetwater, TX

Hey fam,

Well it's been an interesting week. After 10 hours on the bus I got to my new area on Wednesday. I was greeted by Elder Weldon, who is finishing his last two transfers (three months). He looks like Jack Black with a buzz cut. It was pouring rain while I was trying to get all of my stuff into our car. Sweetwater is a very small town with a VERY small branch of the church. In Pampa, we had about 80 people in attendance each week. Here, it's a good week if 25 members show up. Obviously lots of work to do! I have been way humbled in the past couple of days... In my second day here in Sweetwater, I set a baptismal date with an investigator whom had been being taught for a while and Janice will be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday. Way excited and I barely know her. We're working with another young woman who is ready for baptism but her current boyfriend needs to get divorced from his wife so they can get married. It's an awkward situation. While knocking doors, I met THE weirdest guy ever. This elderly indian guy with long white hair answered the door and the first thing I noticed was that his tshirt said "Comforter: The Holy Ghost". So I asked him what his name was and he said "I am Emmanuel, the Spirit of God." At first I thought he was messing with us but he didn't break character. Haha I asked him where he was from and he said Heaven... He continued to tell me that everyone knows who he is; the police know him, the people of the town know him, and the President of the United States knows him. I was a little confused and I began to wonder if this was some sort of vision or angelic figure!!?? But then I saw marijuana on his table behind him and I gave him a card and left...Hahaha Just a funny experience I thought I'd share. My companion is a really good worker and a great example of the white handbook rules. I had heard lots of negative stuff about him but you know me, I am cool with everyone. I decided to try and be the nicest companion he's ever had since he told me most of his companions have made his mission miserable... We started of super good! But the past couple of days have come with some challenges.... Like on the verge of an ET. (Emergency transfer) We can't work with the Spirit if he continues to boss me around and have little temper outbursts... Any advice?? Anyway... make this week great.

Elder Rios

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