Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 18: Pampa, TX (4 months down, 20 to go)

Howdy y'all 

      How are you guys enjoying the Christmas season? It's my favorite time of year! Because my birthday is just five days after Christmas..:) (That was a hint) Haha Everything is going good out here on the mish. Losing weight, learning Spanish, making lots of new friends, etc. Sounds pretty fun, right? Haha 

     Okay so there's this old lady (77 yrs old) who's grandson is a member but she refuses to get baptized. She LOVES the missionaries though, she has pictures of the Elders who have been here for the past two years. I'm her favorite cuz I'm from CALIFORNIA. Holler. Anyway, she is the sweetest/meanest lady ever. If she doesn't like you, she'll straight up tell you. And she doesn't care about her language she uses around us and she will not call us Elders..because we are not older than her. Hahaha We love her though! Okay, so Monday her grandson Joey came out teaching with us, he's 17. While we were out, the grandma called him and said she was calling 911 because she was having a real hard time breathing. Being on the other side of town, I pulled a Fast & Furious and got over there as quickly as I could. The ambulance arrived shortly after and took her to the hospital. We accompanied Joey there. While they were running tests on her we could hear her yelling at the doctors being ornery. Haha Turns out she was poisoned by some plant outside her house. It was a pretty crazy night! Just thought I'd tell you about it. Ha 

     Friday we had the ward Christmas party (I bet Paloma Valley ward's was bomb) and it was pretty sweet. Two former investigators showed up randomly! We had dropped them last month because they weren't keeping commitments and now they want to continue progressing towards baptism. What a miracle! The Spirit of love and charity is all around, perfect time to teach about Jesus Christ. Although the presents are great and all, let's remember who was brought into the world this Christmas time. He set the example for us and it is our obligation to try to be as he was, perfect. And through Him, we can do ALL things!! Phil 4:13 Make this week GREAT!!

Merry Christmas :)
Elder Rios

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