Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 26: Sweetwater, TX


Well another week here in the country of Texas. I'm loving it!! I always knew that the mission would be one of the greatest parts of my life. So much growing up has taken place. Haha It's been a good week here in the beautiful town of Sweetwater. The mission presidency has really upped the ante on the standards of our work. We're expected to have higher numbers and there are more categories to work on. We've been walking around a lot more than usual because if you're just going from appointment to appointment, imagine all the people you're just passing by on the streets! So we've been talking with lots of people around here and if this town didn't know who the missionaries were, I'm sure they do now. Haha We've extended four baptismal commitments this past week, for the end of February and beginning of March. Transfers are this next week so who knows if I'll even still be here! Our most legit investigator is Daniel. He's from San Antonio and working out here on the wind farms. He actually put in a missionary visit request on and we met up with him multiple times last week. Turns out he was being taught back home with his wife and he just needed to find the missionaries around here to continue the lessons. I don't know whether or not we'll get to baptize him because he's wanting to get baptized with his wife back home which is great! But he'll count in my book as someone I helped bring in to the fold of Christ. I am doing some dental work so I've been on pain medication all week. So in lessons I'll just be sitting there, completely loopy, and the person we're teaching asks, " your partner high or something?" Hahahaha It's the funniest thing ever. Great news! My suits and pants fit me very loose now.... Gotta go get them fitted, holluh!! Did y'all see me on the cover of Muscle Magazine? :P jk Haha It's been surprisingly easy to lose weight on the mission.. Anyway, hope all is good in y'alls lives. Make this week GREAT! Passion and enthusiasm people!!! Much love. 

Élder Ríos

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