Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 17: Pampa, TX

Howdy partners!!
     Well.. It's officially freezing now. (For me anyways). This morning it was 8 degrees and some snow on the ground. It's not so much the temperature that makes it cold, it's the wind. But I'm still going out to play some disc golf in a little! :D Got some members to play with us. So my week was pretty normal.. I have been doing my best in training Elder Staples and showing him how it's done in the TLM (Texas Lubbock Mission). He's still quiet and awkward, but progressing. Literally everyone we talk to tells him to "loosen up". Hahaha We taught a lot of lessons last week, most to recent converts and less-active members. It felt so good seeing my greenie teaching, because he is a reflection of me and he's a pretty dang good missionary already! Just quiet. Ha I love Sundays here on the mission. You feel the Spirit so much stronger as a missionary and I'm all over the place too! Yesterday I taught the Sunday School lesson in Gospel Principles, gave the "missionary moment" in Primary, then translated a whole lesson into English in Priesthood. By the way, my Spanish is improving each week, I love it. Just extra powers of being an Elder. :) We're going to focus on finding new people to teach this week so lots of knocking..yayyy. Haha I'm also holding my first District meeting as District Leader tomorrow.. With my mission president in attendance. Haaa O_o They would do that to me! But I will just use my swagger and skills to impress ;) Love you all and thanks for the letters!! Keep 'em coming! And if you're not writing me, .. shame on you. Jk Here's my address again: 

1601 W Somerville St
Apt 714
Pampa, Texas 79065

Make this week GREAT!!!! 

Elder Rios

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