Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 25: Sweetwater, TX


It's been quite a good week! So last week I received a call from the mission president and he told me I was being called to preach the gospel in Spanish. I got my Spanish tags in the mail a few days later. I had a feeling this would happen on my mission! Haha We have been working hard! After Zone Conference, we really wanted to get the work in Sweetwater going so we've been at it every day. We have set three baptismal dates for people. Erica is working to get baptized this Saturday on the 9th, Mary is an interesting situation because she's in a nursing home is basically immovable but she wants to be baptized, she's working towards the 16th, and Daniel is our most legit investigator. He lives in San Antonio but he works here in Sweetwater and he had already begun lessons back home so we're just picking up with him. He's excited to be baptized on the 16th, maybe back in San Antonio with his family, or possibly here with us. I found that we're being blessed by the Lord lately because of our obedience. When I would ask my Dad for something, like gas money, he would ask if I had mowed the lawn. If I hadn't, no gas money. It's basically the same with our Father in Heaven. If we do what he asks, he rewards us with blessings. IT's very simple, yet many people forget how it works. They expect to just mess around and still receive answers to their prayers. Not gonna work... Be obedient!! 
I've been spending lots of time on ranches and farms lately and I don't know why...Oh...because that's all there is out here in west Texas. Ha! Today we're in Abilene for Zone P-day, Plans include basketball, disc golf, lunch at Texas Roadhouse, and possibly the zoo. The weather has finally cleared up and we're enjoying some sunny/windy days, my favorite! Hope everyone is doing well, love you guys and thanks for those couple of letters in the mail last week, those are GOLD out here! Haha Make this week GREAT!! 

Elder Rios

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