Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 30: Sweetwater, TX (Transfer 5)

Let the heat begin. 

It's been pretty warm all week and we've truly been working a sweat. The thing about Texas is that when it's cold, it gets really cold. When it's hot, ....welcome to hell. Haha jk Biking around is killer! This week was difficult also because the members decided to smother us with food so I've been eating like a pig. Or should I say I've been literally eating a pig... So much brisket and ribs. Haha Anyway, not that I'm counting down or anything but Friday I hit 7 months out. I guess the rule is once you're past 6 months you're not considered green (a greenie) anymore. Which is funny because I've been a District Leader since I was 3 months out. The mission is growing! We will be going from 152 missionaries to 204 and they're opening 29 new areas. That's cray!! Transfers are this next week so really anything can happen. I have a feeling they're gonna have me train two new elders at the same time, since President asked me how I would feel doing that last week at interviews. Saturday we did some service and washed a member's airplane. Pretty sweet! Takes a little longer than your average car. I talked to the guy that owns the airport about the church and hopefully we'll be able to come out and share more with him. I related the gospel to an airplane somehow. Haha Don't ask me how. Yesterday I got to conduct Sacrament meeting because our branch president was gone. I told y'all I do something every week at church. Haha I love it! The time is flying by, take advantage of each day. Live with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM. I promise you'll see the blessings right away. Make this week great! I'm just going to shoot this email out right now then I'll get back on to reply to individual emails after basketball. Peace, love, and blessings...

Elder Ríos

1729 Hailey St #E53

Sweetwater, Tx 79556

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