Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 27: Sweetwater, TX (Transfer 5)

Howdy howdy,

It's snowing today!! and I'm wearing shorts and a tshirt. =) I reckon' this was a GREAT week. First off, thank you to my ward for sending me that banner!! So awesome. I'm staying in this area for another transfer and still District Leader. I'm feeling Zone Leader here pretty soon O_o.. New companion, Elder Cosman. First thing he told me is that he's a certain level of autistic.. I was a little surprised.. But it doesn't even seem like it! He's a cool guy! A big, tall guy! He hails from the land of Utah in South Jordan. He flies planes and a heck of a pianist!! Apparently, he had heard about me and was worried he wasn't "cool enough" to be with me.... I LOVE this guy and I'm so glad to be serving with him. I've had a root'n toot'n blast with Cozzy! We've been doing lots of knocking this week trying to find new people to teach. Not much luck.. But I say it was a great week because of how much I've felt the Spirit. We've had some good experiences with that! I can recall at least three times that I teared up during a lesson while testifying. That hasn't happened in a while! Yesterday just before church started, we were informed that we were giving talks in Sacrament...... So I had about 8 minutes to prepare my talk. Luckily, I was assigned to speak on the Restoration which is something I teach every single day. I don't remember half the things I said because the Spirit totally took over for the most part. I know I was able to deliver a powerful message because I was quoted multiple times in later classes. Felt so good! We're looking at another baptism scheduled for March 9th for Daniel. I'm really surprised at how prepared and ready this guy is. He might have a greater testimony of the Book of Mormon than me! Which is great! It truly is the greatest feeling in the world knowing I was a part of changing these people's lives. I've had the privilege of getting in the water and performing the actual ordinance a couple of times and man, what an experience!! No greater joy.What an exciting time to be a missionary. I know we have some more young men back home getting ready to head out to their various callings. As my mission president always says, "These are journal-entry days." Things are changing quickly and the Lord is strengthening his army of righteous soldiers. He is at the helm. He calls the shots. I'm honored to be a representative of the Savior and stand as a witness of Him. The blessings have been coming non-stop. I encourage y'all to read at least something from the Book of Mormon each day. I promise that whatever you read, it will be applied in your life that same day or week. Gosh, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! Make this week great! 

Much love from Téjas,
Elder Ríos

Address for the next month:
1729 Hailey St #E53
Sweetwater, Tx 79556

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