Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 8: Pampa, TX

Hello hello :)
General Conference was so great!! The best part about watching it was watching with an investigator family!! Having them see and listen to the prophet and apostles was exactly what they needed. They spoke about things that they needed to hear. As I was watching and taking notes, I thought to myself about the difference watching Conference at home, and as a set-apart missionary. I listened to every word and didn't fall asleep. Priesthood Session is always the best! (sorry ladies) :) When our leaders talk about the literal power that we have to change the lives of others, it gets me so PUMPED! Alright so now I'll tell you about my week:
This week went by super fast, just like all the other weeks. We did some work! Didn't have much time to knock doors because we had many appointments scheduled, which is really good! So we taught lots of lessons this week and had a couple of dinner appointments. The only negative part was BIKING ALL WEEK. We dropped our car off in the shop on Monday and it was supposed to be ready the next day... Wrong. They kept saying "Oh it won't be ready until tomorrow" allll week. Although I enjoy biking, it gets pretty tiring. 

We ended up getting our car back on Friday afternoon, she looks great! The car had lots of dents and scratches from past missionaries so we had to get it fixed. Anyway, last week we asked the family that is getting baptized on the 27th who they wanted to baptize them. Elder Arredondo and I were both chosen by the girls haha and I think we're calling a missionary that went home already to see if he wants to baptize the mom, as she requested. It's so exciting!!
My trainer and I have so much fun (probably too much) that we never have time to think about how tired we are or how sore we are, I love it! Another thing, IT"S SO COLD HERE... Wake up in the morning and check the temperature outside and our little thermometer says 22 degrees... Dad, I think it's time to send me a jacket now...:O haha I've been using one of my comp's jackets for now. Many of you know that I love the cold and I love the wind, but this is intense!! haha Yesterday, it got to a high of 36 degrees I think? Everyone at church teases me because I'm from "Perfect Sunny Southern California" hahaha Everything is going great. We're getting the ward to be more active, members are coming with us to lessons, we had a ward bbq with REAL Texas barbeque, and it's starting to snow. :) Hope you all are doing good and don't miss me too much!! ;) 'Til next week! Make this one GREAT!
Much love,
Elder Rios
P.s. Thank you for all of your letters and emails!! Keep them coming

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