Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 7: Pampa, TX

Howdy everyone! 
Everything is going great here in the TLM (Texas Lubbock Mission). I am having so much fun in my area. Elder Arredondo and I are doing WORK. Our teaching pool is remaining big and we are getting people ready to be baptized this month! We're only struggling with one little thing.. the Pampa ward. Members here aren't very exciting or enthusiatic at all. It's hard to get them to go out to lessons with us. We have investigators coming to church to check it out then they tell us it's boring and weird because there's no one fellowshipping them! So frustrating! Even the bishop is a little strange and antisocial... I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in church yesterday and I was determined to brighten up the ward. I made everyone laugh a lot and challenged them to be more active as members. I felt that everyone was really listening to me rather than messing around on their iPhone or iPad. It was pretty sweet! I also got to teach a class in Primary haha The kids are so cute, they all love the missionaries. One boy (Joshua, 5 years old) said "I want to be as tall as Elder Rios when I grow up!" haha After church we worked, knocking doors and visited some people who didn't make it to church. We ended the night eating at a member's house and they had the Eagles/Giants game on in the other room...... It was so hard not to watch!! A lot of members have been having us over for dinner since I got here ;) One thing I haven't mentioned to you all is the CRAZY thunderstorms here..!! They're cool to watch though. Almost every night it rains and see lightning flashes then during the day it's sunny and hot. Super weird! Last night there was a huge storm and it was hard to sleep because of the loud thunder.. I like that this area is different. I like serving here where there is no distractions, where I can focus on the work. Our beautiful 2011 Ford Fusion is in the shop until Wednesday so we're biking around -__- My bike is LEGIT; it's all black complete with headlights, tail lights, annnd a kickstand. Thanks Dad!! :D A lot easier today biking in a tshirt, shorts and Nikes! Thank you for all of the support sent through prayers!! I love my mission!! New month, new week.. Make it GREAT!!
Much love from Texas,
Elder Rios

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